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We are a privately owned company that aggressively thinks outside of the box and with more than 40 years in the safe industry having conducted years of intense development using 3D modeling software, multiple working test models and custom endurance dialing machines, along with custom designed stress fixtures to develop a very reliable mechanical combination safe lock product line.

We believe the final results are a superior product that will outperform any other mechanical combination safe lock in the most demanding application, and provide a higher level of security at a competitive price.


BIG RED™ safe locks are Underwriters Laboratories Group 2 and Group 2M labeled mechanical combination safe locks and accepted as the New Standard in high security mechanical safe locks worldwide.

Our safe locks feature solid center brass wheel assemblies and our signature “Red” anodized aluminum outer wheels, and our exclusive patent pending DeadLoc Technology® which eliminates combination wheel slippage.

Additionally, our safe locks are constructed with thicker material and a longer brass locking bolt, which allows more locking bolt to be maintained inside the lock case for added strength and durability.